12 October 2012

Not Gonna Happen

I stepped away from my desk for a bit, and upon my return was greeted by an e-mail from a well-known ammunition retailer*. The sender sought to be listed on my sidebar as a "friend", apparently not realizing that he'd be at the bottom of the list in short order,  since the "friends" category is a blogroll.

But no matter.

As an Alaskan, I have to shop carefully and read all the fine print, FAQs, and shipping policies on the various retail sites ... because so many of them - okay, make that nearly ALL of them - won't ship ammo to Alaska.  You're probably aware that most of it travels by ground, and there's the nation of Canada twixt me and thee. Shipping ammo 'cross Canada is a no-no.

I'm not complaining; I've not tried shopping on their site before, and now know there's no point. The only ways to get ammo here are to either have it shipped through the Post Office (prohibitively expensive, with postage frequently equaling the cost of the ammo itself) or placed on an Alaska Airlines flight as air cargo. Again, rather spendy unless I'm buying a lot - and I rarely buy in large quantities.

The inability to get merchandise of any kind from certain retailers has been an annoyance in the decade since we arrived, but things are what they are, and we've adapted.

In addition, I'm having no troubles finding all the ammo I need up here, so I don't have to order it from afar.

So ... I hated to say no to the guy, but you'll note a) there are no links to commercial sites anywhere on my site, and b) there ain't gonna be.  Personal preference ... after all, it's MY site. It would be hypocritical of me to list a source which I have not used, nor can I use it.

YMMV, and all that.

* Name withheld deliberately; he did me no harm, but neither can he help me.


Stephen said...

I'll send you a batch of your choice...we'll mark the package 'Christmas Fruit Cake.' The Canadians won't know the difference.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, that made me laugh out loud - thanks!

Old NFO said...

Yep you'd a thunk he'd at least have 'bothered' to see where you were... dumb on his part!

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, NFO. His text made it clear that he'd read the post about giving the .22 to my daughter, but still ... he wasn't paying attention to the rest.

DR said...

Best case I have seen on why we should annex Canada;-) Those pesky Canadians need to quit hindering purchases between the lower 48 and Alaska.