14 October 2012

On The Road Again

After a trip to the gym this morning, both daughters & I will be heading north to Chugiak, to visit a new (to me) range. It's the facility where Mel participated in the Appleseed shoots, and where she won her Rifleman patch.

She took her Sam along, last week, and the two of them begged me to go along, next time ... so off we go.

I'll have a report & hopefully some pics when we get back. We're taking an assortment of firearms along: rimfire and centerfire pistols and rifles. Should be fun, and it's been too long since I had any recoil therapy.

Should be interesting, however it goes. We got two inches of snow yesterday afternoon, and Chugiak is colder & snowier than Anchorage. Incidentally, for any fans of AccuHunch Weather out there, there was no precip in the forecast for yesterday. Literally zero percent chance, during the hours that it was snowing sideways.

Welcome to Alaska, pilgrim. It snows whenever it wants, and no weatherman's gonna stand in its way.  :^)


Old NFO said...

LOL, that's why they're called weatherguessers!!! Shoot em good!

Rev. Paul said...

Yeah, they had about as much snow as Anchorage. And the shooting was fun. :)