06 October 2012

Saturday in the A.M.

Okay, I've been up for a couple of hours, have perused my favorite daily reads, and ... nothing.

It's 46 & raining. In fact, it's been raining for the last 20 hours. I did, however, hear some gunfire from Wet Bunny on Thursday afternoon, so at least the range should be open (Lord willing and the creek don't rise ... again).

AccuHunch is confused by the warmish overnight temps; in fact, they've issued a freeze advisory for tomorrow night, in spite of their own forecast calling for temps around 40. There's nothing like a plan that has come together, and this is nothing like it.

It's hard to feel motivated on a chilly, damp day ... but I need to get off the couch & start moving. Something will present itself shortly; it always does. :)

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and have a great day!


eiaftinfo said...

Yep - sounds like a blanket and camp fire kind of day, enjoy!!

John said...

Snowing all day here. Not much accumulation, just good moisture.

Rev. Paul said...

eiaft, that's not a bad idea at all.

John, we should be having flurries, too - but the jet stream is parked well to the south, pumping lots of warm air this way. We've had more than enough rain.

Sandy said...

It's one of those day you just want to sit in front of a fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and a good book.
I'll pray that you'll have no more flooding and temperatures warm up a little.
Temperatures are going to be below 32 tonight for us.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I'm heading for the couch with a good book now. We'd prefer the temps go down, though - it's too warm for this time of year. Should be having flurries instead of rain showers.