27 October 2012

Saturday Morning

Another morning, another 14-degree temperature, and more frost. AccuHunch is guessing we'll have snow in a few days, and that's okay. We count on snow cover to keep the ground from freezing too hard, which leads to frozen and/or burst pipes.

It's a rare year when we don't have the first permanent snow by Halloween.

* * * * *

Daughter Sam has settled into a regular schedule which leaves her working on Saturday, so our range trip will be tomorrow. Mel & I will do a bit o' shopping today; gotta get those life-sustaining supplies.


Sandy said...

Adorable video :-)
Snow coming your way, were expecting snow too in Northern Oklahoma.

Temperatures have dropped at night to below 30 degrees.

Enjoy your range visit with the girls.

Brigid said...

It was 80 degrees Thursday, down to 39 yesterday. Welcome to Fall in the Midwest.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy; glad you liked the video. It's one of my favorite Yukon Cornelius moments. :)

Brigid, I remember those yo-yo temps very well. We're quite happy with the steadier temps here, thankyouverymuch. Heh.