24 October 2012

Stuck in a Rut, and an Angry Bear

Weather-wise, that is.

Yesterday morning, it was 8 degrees. Today it warmed all the way up to 10. Woohoo! Okay, enough of that. There's a large high pressure area over south-central Alaska, keeping us in the low teens at night, and the low 30s in the afternoons. AccuHunch guesses we'll get a change in that pattern by late next week, but I'm definitely digging the sunshine. We haven't had a lot of that, this year, so a whole week of it is okay with me.

It's a rare October when we don't have snow on the ground by Halloween. Right now, the ground is mostly bare.

* * * * *

Anchorage residents in the higher elevations above my place are being warned to watch for a large brown bear with an attitude. Apparently the Fish & Wildlife folks shot it twice last night, but lost the trail.

Depending on how accurate their shooting was, it may have crawled into the brush & bled out, but I wouldn't assume that.  By the by, the police didn't say the bear has an attitude, but you know how grumpy those brownies can be when you shoot 'em.

* * * * *

I hope your day is going better than the perforated bruin's ... thanks for stopping by.


CottonLady said...

Sort of think I would have an 'attitude', too, if I was being shot at! :)

Rev. Paul, I really enjoy your header photos. I check in each day just to see what picture you have up next. Love them! Thanks for sharing the beauty of Alaska.


Rev. Paul said...

CottonLady, I wouldn't be too happy about it, either. :)

And thank you for the kind words about the photos I use - I'm glad you like them.