30 October 2012

The Bengazi Affair: It Won't Go Away

Roger O'Daniel over at the Patriot Action Network has been following the string of scandal, changing cover stories, cover-ups, and lies. Here's his summary of what's happened, so far:

Facts (well, paraphrased facts):
  1. E-mail #1 sent to Pentagon, WH situation room, CIA, to multiple names within each location. Help! We have solid evidence that we will be attacked.
  2. E-mail #2 sent to same list. Help! Attack seems imminent. This e-mail or the one that followed identified the name of the perpetrator and his allegiance to Al Qaeda. He claimed responsibility the following morning to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11. The attack had nothing to do with the video about Muhammad.  BTW, his own people poisoned his lamb dinner.  How’s that for loyalty and devotion?
  3. E-mail #3 sent to the same list. Help! We are under attack and hunkered down. The whole place is on fire.
  4. Two US Military, a SEAL and Special Ops, are in an annex a short distance away. A remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) is in the air photographing everything. Photos captured from the ground and the air show that there was no crowd in the area. It was a precision mortar attack, carefully planned in advance, with known coordinates of every target hit by the mortars for maximum effect. Whoever is in the White House situation room is watching. The Pentagon is watching. The pilot flying that RPA and the pilot flying the RPA that took its place is watching. The CIA is watching. One of the US Military is on the roof risking sniper fire while he "paints" the source of the mortar fire with a laser. He would not risk his life if he did not know that A: the RPA was overhead and within target range, and B: it had a hellfire missile on board. Predators do that. By the way, it is a remotely piloted aircraft, not a drone. A real live human pilot handles the controls. A C-130 equipped with side-firing Gatling guns could decimate that area. So could an A-10. Both are less than 30 minutes away.
  5. The hellfire missile never fired. The C-130 and A-10 stayed on the ground in Sicily.  If the RPA had stayed until morning, it could have photographed several buildings in Benghazi flying Al Qaeda flags.
  6. The US Military in the annex requested permission to rescue the trapped embassy employees twice. They were turned down twice. The SEAL went anyway, saved their lives by moving them to the safer annex and also moved the body of a fallen comrade so his body would not be desecrated. He faces court marshal for disobeying orders. The person who ordered the US military and CIA to "stand down" should be court marshaled instead for treason.
  7. Panetta, the former Chief of Staff (a 5-star general) and now head of the CIA said that the CIA did not order the military to stand down and added that the President at least knew everything that was going on as it happened and had ample opportunity to go to the situation room and watch. In political speak, Panetta threw Obama under the bus.
  8. General Petraeus also threw Obama under the bus by saying the same thing. The Pentagon and the CIA said the alerts were timely and none of us told anyone to stand down. We even sent the RPA to even the score and were ordered not to use it. Obama said he did not know the facts in the third debate and claimed that he is responsible. Mitt Romney told the moderator and the listeners to remember this moment for the record. The moderator knew in advance all questions that would be asked, and affirmed that Obama told the truth, waving a piece of paper in the air as she spoke. We now know that he (and she) lied.
Prior facts:
  1. Shortly after his inauguration as President of the United States (POTUS), Obama visited several heads of state in the Middle-East, skipping Israel. It was noticed. POTUS bowed before the king of Saudi Arabia; a public symbol of deference. This gesture is also done by foreign dignitaries who are non-cleric Muslim believers. The world noticed, especially Israel.
  2. Throughout his Middle-East tour, Obama apologized for the foreign relations "misdeeds" of his predecessors and promised change, with a focus on the Palestine problem. The world noticed, especially Israel.
  3. The White House leaked intelligence, picked up by Wikileaks, and broadcast to the world how US and Israel targeted a cyber attack that destroyed 1,000 Iranian centrifuges used to separate fissionable uranium from its non-fissionable isotope. The virus over-spun the centrifuges so they would throw their rods, thereby releasing highly toxic and radioactive uranium hexafluoride into the chamber. Israel took a dim view of that revelation. They knew that they could not trust Obama and his minions so long as any of them were in power.
  4. Symantec, Network Solutions and other companies that fight cyber intrusion reported that Communist China continues to be the number 1 malware source. The Ukraine is number 2. Israel is number 3. Does that give us a hint of Israel's level of trust in US shared intelligence?
  5. After the raid that killed Osama Ben Laden, Obama broke the code of secrecy of SEAL Team 6 by revealing classified information. This is a felony offence that Eric Holder chose to ignore. A couple of months later, an outpost in Afghanistan came under attack. SEAL Team 6 was ordered to intervene. Several things were very odd about this operation. Special Ops normally do this type of work. The military transport vehicle used to move combat personnel is armored, armed, and equipped with sensors to detect the presence of the enemy. This aircraft, a helicopter, was normally used to transport cargo. It was not armored, not armed and had no sensors onboard. The aircraft flew low between two ridge lines to avoid visual detection. At least three insurgents were ready and waiting armed with shoulder-fire guided RPGs. All hit their mark and the helicopter crashed with no survivors. After the crash, the attackers to the outpost disappeared. Did someone at a very high level of command give Al Qaeda an opportunity to avenge the death of their founder?


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Dereliction of duty... Plain and simple and FOUR died...

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Second rate burglary, president resigns. Deliberate dereliction, it's somebody else's fault.

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PH, that pretty well sums it up.

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Another voice heard.

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Thank you, WSF. That's part of the story, too.