25 October 2012

Thursday Potpourri

I'm not a fan of workdays that begin with handfuls of broken parts, and reassembling cogs, locking rings, cams, and springs. Need more coffee ... yeah, that's the ticket.

* * * * *

Biologists are still on the trail of the wounded brown bear that was shot yesterday morning by a homeowner with a shotgun. And Mr. Bear continues to elude them, although one was reported earlier today to the south of the search area.

* * * * *

Sumdood, Esq., tried to stir things up a couple days ago, complaining about Alaska's requirement to provide ID at polling places. "It's discriminatory," he whined, "and will keep Natives and other minorities from voting."

Reporters rightly ran to the Lieutenant Governor's office, as he's in charge of elections. And he rightly pointed out that, as soon as a person registers to vote, the State mails them a FREE voter card, which is all that the election judges need to see.

Massive fail on this one, folks. Got any other last-ditch stupidity to help the Lightbringer?

* * * * *

Some Tables Turn, Others Spin Dept: Just heard a radio commercial saying, in essence, "Republicans in the State legislature want a giveaway for the big oil companies. Vote for Democrats or you'll pay more taxes."

Meanwhile, oil jobs disappear from the North Slope by the hundreds, and workers are relocating to North Dakota to remain employed. Kudos to ND for doing things right.

And shame on our Legislature for screwing it up.

* * * *

And finally, from our friends in Dutch Harbor, on Unalaska Island, come the two best Gimme Gimme Dept stories of the day:
A man who had quit his employment because business policies were not being followed told police that he wanted his employer to purchase him a plane ticket. He was advised that this was a civil, not criminal, issue.

Fisherman complained that his captain had seen him drinking a beer, had told him he was in violation of the company’s no-alcohol policy and had fired him upon his return to the vessel. An officer advised the fisherman that the captain was well within his rights to do so.


ProudHillbilly said...

Sumdood is a brainless parrot.

Rev. Paul said...

ProudHillbilly, he's what we've come to expect from that end of the Statist spectrum. A complete tool/useful idiot.

Keads said...

Days that start with some "assembly required" is not a good way to start!

Rev. Paul said...

Keads - not before sufficient coffee, anyway. That's just cruel & unusual punishment. Heh.

Old NFO said...

You've got some REAL winners up there Rev... Hopefully the winter will sort that out for ya...

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, those are just Outsiders who came up here for jobs during fishing season ... and found out they DIDN'T have the right stuff.