13 October 2012

Tires, Snow and a Rifle

As frequently happens here, it's suddenly colder, with 2" to 4" of snow predicted for Monday and Tuesday. We've doing the the seasonal dances-with-cars, having the summer tires removed and the studded snow tires mounted. This morning we're taking the last of our three cars to the tire shop.

Since the shop doesn't take reservations, the ritual involves showing up at Omigosh-dark-thirty, and standing in line in the dark, come wind, rain, or snow ... waiting until 0700 when they finally open the door.

In seasons past, I've gotten there as early as 0615, and was already 14th or 17th in line. This week, I've been third in line, twice. Not bad at all, considering.

Then my wife, or now my older daughter, must pick me up & take me to work, where I await a phone call telling me the work is done. Then I must get a ride back to the shop to pick up whichever vehicle is waiting.

On the bright side, the ride is usually with my wife, and we wait until the lunch hour to go ... then grab a bite together before getting the car. That's a nice thing.  :)

So this morning, Older Daughter is taking her car there, and waiting in line. I'll meet her there just before they open, and bring her home after the car is checked in.

Then in the spring, we get to do the whole thing all over again. "Seasonal change-over" is part of our lives up here, but sometimes it just gets old. Ah, well.

* * * * *

Younger daughter is champing at the bit to get to the range, to check out her new rifle:

17 years old, 5'10", and already a crack shot.

After she gets off from work this afternoon, we'll give a thorough cleaning to the rifle she's been using (thanks, Jenny!) and get the new toy swabbed out & ready for tomorrow's range trip.

* * * * *

I need another cuppa, so y'all have a great Saturday. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

I had to figure out when to rotate my tires down here - I think it'll do to have it at every oil change. Never had to worry about that before, as I rotated the summer slicks and the winter studs every time they went on.

Hope your daughter has a great time when she gets to the range!

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, I understand. Rotating the tires here is pointless, unless you spend all summer driving to Fairbanks & back (and then, Heaven help you!). I'm sure Sam will be putting us all to shame again, fairly quickly after getting the new scope sighted in. She can already do that with Jenny's rifle.

armedlaughing said...

Word to the wise - your daughter shouldn't be shooting people in the crack!
That'll just p*** 'em off!



Seriously, great job the both of you!

Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw ... srsly? sigh... There's one in every crowd! ;^)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Don't use studs but do run snow tires year around as in mud+snow tires. On lots of county roads that are muddy when wet.

DR said...

Oh, I am so not ready for winter. We have been in the 30's, though nothing like the weather you guys have. I was talking at the ship launch today to a group of Alaskans who flew down from Fairbanks and they were joking that this was like tropical weather.

I can understand your daughter's wanting to get to the range, SR has been chomping at the bit to get some target practice in too.

drjim said...

You go, girl!

Sandy said...

Have fun at the range Sam, enjoy that new gun :-)
We carry chains for the winter if the roads are bad here with snow/ice and have all weather tires. The only time I've actually changed tires from winter to summer is when I lived up in Northern Michigan.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, I used to run mud+snow tires all the time, back in the midwest. Understood.

DR, we got over 2" of snow this afternoon. Winter's here, ready or not.

drjim, thanks for the good wishes - she's ready, and so are we.

Sandy, thanks. Studded tires are practically required up here, anyplace there's a lot of traffic. The snow gets packed down until it's like ice, and tires without studs are like sled runners: they slide VERY well.

Old NFO said...

Better you than me Sir... :-) Good luck with the girl's shooting!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, NFO. We had a great time!

Jenny said...

Okay, the winter roads are one thing I don't miss about Alaska. :p


How cool - I can't wait to see a range report with all y'all in it.

(also the desserts looked super yummy)

Rev. Paul said...

Jenny, I understand that. I don't mind driving around town, so much, when the roads are really bad, but heading out of town can be sobering.