26 November 2012

80-Year-Old Hunter Found Safe & Sound

An 80-year-old deer hunter missing since Friday was found Sunday afternoon in good condition, telling Alaska State Troopers that he survived by not sitting still.

Frank Sharp of Angoon was hunting with his two sons and two granddaughters on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska. The hunters split up on Friday and arranged to meet at a designated time. But by dark, Sharp hadn't shown up. The family reported him missing early Saturday.

"He had decent clothing, wilderness know-how and a never-quit attitude," troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said in an e-mail. "He said he kept moving."

He had hunted in the area before and was reasonably well-equipped. He had ammo and candy bars. But early in the family hunting trip, he gave his compass to one of his granddaughters so she wouldn't get lost, Peters said.

Read the whole story here.

It reminds me of a scene from The Mountain Men, starring Charlton Heston & Brian Keith. A flatlander asks Keith's character ("Henry Frapp") if he's ever been lost in the wild.
Henry Frapp: I thought you got lost again.
Nathan Wyeth: Haven't you ever been lost?
Henry Frapp: Hmmm... been fearsome confused for a month or two, but I ain't never been lost!


Jenny said...


Ol' Frapp must've been listening to Dan'l Boone, who found himself "bewildered" once.

Good to see the flame still burns. :)

Bob said...

Personally I was hoping the hunter would have survived by killing a moose and crawling inside the steaming carcass, like Han Solo with the Tonton in The Empire Strikes Back.

The Mountain Men
is a personal favorite of mine, along with Jeremiah Johnson. The former poked some gentle fun at the latter, especially in the scene where Tyler and Frapp are arguing over whether Indian sign was made by Crow or Blackfeet.

armedlaughing said...

"Fearsome confused."



Rev. Paul said...

Jenny, it's probably safe to assume that the writers based the "Frapp" line on what ol' Dan'l said, to begin with.

Bob, ditto on both. I watch 'em a lot.

gfa, glad you liked it!

Bob said...

Nat Wyeth and Henry "Frapp" (Fraeb)are based on real historical figures.

Rev. Paul said...

That's right, Bob - and I met some of the extras from the rendezvous scene at Fort Bridger in Wyoming, years ago. Their club was asked to bring their own costumes and gear, so it would be more authentic that what the producers would do.