22 November 2012

A Fine Day (Updated), and a New Follower

We had turkey ... oh, did we have turkey! Younger Daughter/Chef Sam cooked a finely-seasoned citrus bird, stuffed with orange wedges and a few lemons, both inside & pinned between the legs and sides. It fell apart when it came out of the oven ... as tender and juicy as we've ever had.

Her cornbread dressing had just a pinch of Mexican peppers in it - not too much - for a little "kick", and gravy with pan juices, tangerine, mustard and citrus pepper.
She coated the turkey with a tangerine habanjero mustard which baked dry, but kept all the juices in.

My wife took her pumpkin pies to a whole new level with Vietnamese cinnamon (stronger than the Ceylon stuff we normally use) and just a pinch of star anise. Best. Pie. Ever!

* * * * *

I see Max has clicked the "Follow" button. He's a self-described "prepper, aspiring ultra trail runner, seeker of knowledge, jackass."  Welcome, sir: you're among friends. I try to answer every comment, and if I miss one of yours, my e-mail's on my profile.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Ooooh, citrus turkey? Mmmm, must remember this...

Stephen said...

I knew, just knew, Chef Sam and your lovely wife would provide a wonderful meal. Great, again, header picture.

NavyOne said...

Mmmm, pumpkin pie! Had some myself, Happy Thanksgiving!

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, she quartered the oranges, and then added a few wedges of lemon. It was delicious.

Stephen, you got it; and thank you. The pic is from the Glen Alps trail head in the Chugach Mtns, about 3,000 feet above Anchorage.

NavyOne, thank you. It's good eatin', no?