25 November 2012

About Those Secession Petitions

My friend Jenny has strong opinions, and she's holding nothing back. Here's just a taste:

Now secession is a good idea, or it is a bad idea. It sure as heck has its down sides, no matter what your opinion of the Late Unpleasantness, and what it did or did not settle.

Madison had quite a bit to say about the dangers to liberty small states can present to their minorities if un-moored from the larger body. More, a fractured America simply can't provide the bulwark against a coalescing sharia-minded Caliphate or third generation Chi-Com expansion that the whole 50 stars working together can. A broken American Union makes the world a much, much more dangerous place.

So secession is not a simple, costless, or light decision.

HOWEVER - if your reason for not signing your name to a petition is because you're afraid of getting put on a list, then you are acting the part of a coward.

By all means, if you in your soul disagree with a petition, don't sign the darned thing.

But if you DO agree, and you still don't sign? You spit in the eye of our ancestors that were willing to sign a treasonous document to publicly pledge their support for liberty, and back that pledge with their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

Go here and read the whole thing.

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