28 November 2012

Alaskan Randomosity

You Can't Always Get What You Want Dept: From the Daily News ...
Snowfall received in Anchorage so far this autumn stands at about a quarter of normal. The official total for the season reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as of noon on Tuesday was 3.3 inches. That's 9.8 inches below the average of accumulated snowfall for the date.

Sparse snow cover has ramifications for both outdoor recreationists and homebodies. Alyeska Ski Resort, which opened last week, has a scant 10 inches at the base of the mountain. Hilltop Ski Area's website warns of "low snow covering, bare spots, sticks, rocks, stumps."

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Homeowners are also encountering unpleasant surprises. Chris Kosinski of the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility said the utility has received calls from customers with frozen water lines.

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A Darker Shade of Pale Dept: There was a partial lunar eclipse, peaking about 40 minutes ago as I write this. The moon passed through the Earth's shadow, and Alaskans got a better view than most.

About 92% of ol' Luna was darkened; the event is supposed to last about four hours in all.

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The Harder You Look Dept: A Chukchi Sea aerial gray whale survey in September recorded several other whale species that have not commonly been seen in Arctic waters and one -- killer whales -- that have never been recorded in 30 years of surveying.
From www.adn.com:
"An Arctic marine mammal survey team spotted this gray whale cow-calf pair in the Chukchi Sea July 14, 2012.
Cynthia Christman — NOAA"
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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Dept:  I received the following e-mail, supposedly from the office of James Carville:

OJC has left a new comment on your post "James Carville Says "80% of Democrats Are Politica...":

Dear all,

Apparently the quote was falsely posted by an unknown user to a quotations website called thinkexist.com. We have contacted the website and asked them to take the quote down. James Carville never said these words, and this quote in no way belongs to James Carville. Feel free to distribute my response so that we can spread the truth about this supposed quotation.

Caroline Lanford
Intern, Office of James Carville
I note that username "OJC" was created this month, but - as of 7:22 am AKST - I'm the first person to ever look at it.

So, assuming the e-mail is legit, then a) he didn't say it, or b) he did say it, but wishes he hadn't. We may never  know the truth ... but I'll assume for the sake of argument that this is on the up-and-up.

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threecollie said...

We appreciate the time you spend entertaining and informing us here.

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome, threecollie; I appreciate your kind words.

Matt said...

You always had interesting stuff to share. Thanks.

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome, Matt; I try. My wife says that I'm VERY trying. :^)