19 November 2012

Cold, and Getting Colder

It's already fallen to only 8 degrees here at the ol' homestead, and AccuHunch Weather guesses we'll have an overnight low of 6. Somehow I doubt it will stop falling at that point ... but no matter. They're also predicting fog, which will play hob with defrosters. It's tough to keep the windshields and headlights clear on a night like this.

Time to throw another log on the fire; stay warm out there, Alaskans.


Matt said...

It's been in the 30's here lately for lows. Just low enough to be pleasant. I'm ready for the cold air though. It makes for better sleeping.

drjim said...

Be safe out on the roads!

Rev. Paul said...

Matt, we still sleep with the bedroom window open, until it gets so cold that the sash freezes. Can't sleep if we're too warm.

drjim, thanks. We've had very little snow so far, and the roads are mostly dry - but I appreciate the good wishes. :)