03 November 2012

I Can't Watch TV Right Now

because - apparently - the aftermath of hurricane monster storm Sandy is the ONLY story. The rest of the world can go hang, because the the Borg news collective media have a ZOMG STORMAGEDDON!!!!ONE!! right in their front yard.

Yes, I know FEMA is fumbling things into place, and the mask has slipped we see people suffering. But it's only been a few days, and the footprint of the storm was HUGE. It's not like it came without warning.

One lady was crying into the omnipresent TV cameras last night about how she didn't have any food. Really? She didn't stock enough to last for four days? After all those warnings about Frankenstorm??

... sigh ...


On a Wing and a Whim said...

Paul, you're looking at folks who have successfully opted out of dealing with nature for at least two generations. It's like southerners driving on ice - while those of us who are used to it can get mostly up to speed with a reminder to use common sense, those who have never been taught common sense in the first place don't understand that the warnings aren't part of the media hyperbole until too late.

Give them another three or four of these over the course of a year, and they'd get a lot wiser. Once a lifetime - they've gone from lecturing us about how helpful and caring they are to just starting to figure out that they're gonna have to do the bulk of the work. It'll take another week or two before they start to understand that the folks on the TV screen from the rest of the country were speaking truth when they say the government always arrives with too little, too late, and gets in the way.

threecollie said...

Oh, man, us too. On one hand we feel really sorry for people who have been nailed with a lot of bad stuff. On the other hand, how could the ones whining like that not have any competence at taking care of themselves?

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, I understand what you're saying; I was just remembering all the times the elitists have lectured the rest of the country from their high-and-lofty perch in NYC.

threecollie, exactly.

ProudHillbilly said...

I feel particularly sorry for the elderly and children. But even in a small apartment you can store canned food under a bed and keep a few extra blankets. They've never had this happen, have been used to having the necessities right at their finger tips and have had no concept it could change. Maybe those that survive will make preparations the next time - we had days of warning for this.

My home turf in Preston County is buried under 2 feet of snow and as of yesterday hadn't had power since Monday. And they are fine, cozy from the coal furnace, cooking on the grill and camp stove.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, I'm right there with you. We also have limited storage, here, but have a grill with a full tank, and a backup camp stove with 1 lb. canisters. There's also a fire pit where would could burn wood to cook.

Preparation doesn't have to be extensive or expensive; you just have to start somewhere. Clearly, most of those seeking cameras in front of which to cry did NOT.

CottonLady said...

Oh I'm so there also. Can't even turn on the Weather Channel yet without it being nothing but post storm stuff!! I, too, feel bad for the elderly and children. but so many have the entitlement way of thinking. So many just want the goobernant to take care of them!There was so much warning beforehand. Oh well....


Cathy said...

Yep , to all of the above comments.

Think what we'd be witnessing now if science hadn't provided them days of advance warning. It wasn't a 'Gee folks . . we think there's going to be some rough weather . " It was "Run for you lives - theres's a monster headed for your doorstep!"

And yes, it's the elderly and the innocent children that are bearing the brunt of willful ignorance.

drjim said...

Agree with everything said here so far.
Out here in Kaliforniastan we (well, *some* of us) have "Earthquake Kits".
I just bought one of the little butane stoves and a case of fuel that Carteach reviewed, and we we have enough stored water and food to last the four of us, AND our two dogs, about a month.
It takes up quite a bit of the limited storage space we have in the garage, but even if the garage collapsed, I could get to it with tools I have stashed away in a safe place.
And while I do feel pity for the children and elderly, I feel nothing but scorn for those "able-bodied" adults who did NOTHING for their families.

Rev. Paul said...

CottonLady, Cathy, and drjim - thank you. I was hesitant to post this, this morning, for fear that some would take me to task for not be compassionate enough. Or something.

No worries, then. After all, the Bible says "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."
(1 Timothy 5:8)

drjim said...

I think I could write a whole lot about "being compassionate enough", but it would have a definite slant about being compassionate towards those who I feel are deserving of it.
Kind of the grasshopper and the ant type of thing.
Of course, who am *I* to decide who is and isn't deserving of compassion?
All that comes to mind is "God helps those who help themselves", but again, we can get into a sticky philosophical discussionof who is deserving, and who isn't.
I guess we all have to use our own moral compass to help navigate us through life.
I, personally, would be a LOT more "compassionate" towards an 80 year old woman abandoned by her family, with no water, food, or warmth, than I would be to somebody busting out the windows of a liquor store to get free booze.....

Rev. Paul said...

drjim, that's as good a way to say it as anything I can think of. Preach on, brother!

drjim said...

I have only my parents to blame for raising me to think the way I do about things like this.
Sadly, too many children are "raised" these days without ever learning "right" and "wrong".

Cathy Monroe said...

I don't know where the woman you're speaking about was, but maybe she was won of those whose home was swept away in the flood or one of those whose home was burned to the ground. If not, she was a fool and should have prepared.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, it sounded more like she was complaining about the power outage than a loss of home.

Jenny said...

There are two parts, I think.

The first is that if we are to be the ones who preach private charity over government meddling, then when an event like this happens we have the obligation to show the courage of our convictions.. I grateful to having been pointed back to the Salvation Army for those who've grown leery of the Red Cross.

I also think Cathy is right to point out that some of those with nothing have nothing because its all been washed away.

That said - we lost something when the government ceased distinguishing between the deserving and undeserving poor. It is not compassionate to make self destruction easy.

And also - love the new avatar, Doctor. :)

Rev. Paul said...

Jenny, exactly. I was reasonably certain the lady in question was NOT one whose home was destroyed, but merely without power, before I set fingers to keyboard.

Re: government aid ... I can't find anything in the Constitution about the federal gov't having any responsibility to providing aid. It should be getting itself out of the way, rather than the other way 'round. Your point is still sound, though.

And thank you. ;^)