29 November 2012

It's a Three-Dog Night

here in southcentral Alaska. The temps in town will be -2 or so overnight; that's not overly cold for us, even this early in the season. But the winds will be howling, and wind chills are predicted to reach -20 tonight ... and -24 tomorrow, when the actual temp is 10 above.

In the words of Yukon Cornelius, it's "not a fit night out for man nor beast."  (I tried to find a clip on YouTube for this one, but couldn't. Darn it.)


ProudHillbilly said...

With the kids going to be in MIchigan for at least a few years I'm trying to decide if it's winter I really hate or the fact that it's so uncertain where I live. You guys are certain of winter - so you are prepared for it. Here it's hit and miss, off and on. Cold - or not. Icey - or not. Snowy - or not.

Cathy said...

You people are one hearty breed.

The coldest so far this year outside Toledo - 26'.

But I'll bet you know how to dress for the real stuff:)

Rev. Paul said...

PH, we do indeed. We'll have weeks of subzero temps in Dec/Jan/Feb (it varies).

Cathy, we live in a climate that 20± degrees cooler than, say, the Midwest ... so we're acclimated to colder weather to begin with. But yeah, it takes a stern will to go out & start the truck when it's -27. :^)