24 November 2012

Know Your "Agenda 21"

Every household should serve up a sizable portion of Agenda 21 and what it’s all about with the turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving.

There is no better time than between Thanksgiving and Christmas to reflect on your life and where loss of individual freedoms is taking modern society.

You don’t have to go to university to become a graduate of All Things Agenda 21.  The only university courses on the subject are administered by the UN University of Peace in sunny Costa Rica.  All you have to do is Google the United Nations and Sustainable Development for a chilling check on reality.

While dinner is cooking take your school age children outside and show them the innocuous looking, wireless Smart Meter attached to the outside of your house.

Go. Read the rest; it's enough to make you lose your Thanksgiving left-overs.

h/t MO Bro


threecollie said...

A friend of ours pointed this out to us a while back. Chilling and sickening.

Rev. Paul said...

And remember, while they're reintroducing timber wolves, bears, and - for all we know, T-Rex - into the 'green belts', they want to disarm us. We already have people being mauled by bears in our city parks, and the enviro-nazis want to increase the likelihood of us being snacks.

Six said...

Glenn Beck has been talking about this and it is every bit as evil as advertised. I can't help but believe there's one heck of a fight coming. And sooner than I feared.

Rev. Paul said...

Six, I'm afraid that you're right.