04 November 2012

Too Good Not to Share

Engineering Johnson has written well, today.
Yet somehow, a new beast has emerged, or rather, wedged itself into the role of government.  I'll call it the caretaker.  It is different from the soldier, the judge, the policeman, and the lawmaker.  They are actually needed to govern a country, or in more precise terms, to regulate it.

The caretaker serves a different purpose.  He does not concern himself with what is just, but what is needed.  This may seem innocuous enough, but then comes the question of whose need is to be served.  Whats more, one must then decide what actually comprises a valid need.  When elected officials are allowed to make these decisions, people who wish to be elected to an office are naturally inclined to define need in a way that will secure the most votes.

I suspect many people understood this first half of the caretaker system, from the onset of our current form of government.  What seems to be less understood is that the elected caretaker does not provide for the needs of any citizen without first taking from another.

You should read, as they say, the whole thing. Look for the post entitled, "And I approved this message." As of this posting, it's his most recent article.

h/t Brigid


Cathy said...

You're right.

These concepts should start being taught in grade school.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, I agree. Thanks.

Brigid said...

He will appreciate this. He's on the road finishing up a project and somewhat out of communication for much of the time the next few days, but I will pass on the link tonight when I talk to him.

Cathy, thank you.