27 November 2012

Troopers Suspend Search for Missing Hiker

Yesterday, I wrote of an 80-year-old hunter who was found after being lost for a few days, in good condition & happy.

This isn't that kind of story. From the Anchorage Daily News:

After 13 days of searching by air and on the ground, Alaska State Troopers have suspended their search for a Wisconsin survival instructor missing in a remote area of the Northwest Arctic.

Thomas Seibold, 31, of Three Lakes, Wis., was first reported missing on Nov. 11 after he failed to make a planned contact ahead of a flight out of Kobuk.

~ snip ~

"We believe things may have gone awry for him," said Sgt. Duane Stone, a supervisor for the trooper post in Kotzebue.
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Temperatures have been as low as minus 20 or minus 30 since October, dipping to minus 40 in recent days, he said.

Read the whole sad story here.


Bob said...

Almost sent you a link to that one, but figured you'd see it in the local paper. I'm guessing the guy probably broke a limb (ankle/leg, probably) and froze in a place where his body can't be readily seen. I'm guessing that Brown Bears aren't active now? He wasn't up in Polar Bear territory, was he?

Rev. Paul said...

Bob, you're probably right - assuming the guy wants to be found. There was some earlier speculation that he might have gone 'walkabout' on purpose, just to get away ... or so his friends opined.

Rev. Paul said...

Bob, I just realized I hadn't answered all your questions: the brown bears are (mostly) hibernating by now. It's possible that polar bears have moved that far inland - they've been seen as far south as Fairbanks - but mainly stick to the ocean ice & north shores.