06 November 2012

Wearing the Hat Once More

The preacher hat, that is.

I'm writing this at 6:15pm Alaska time, which is 10:15 ET. I don't yet know who will win the election, but there's something on my heart which I must share with those of you of like faith.

As I was recently praying concerning the elections and all that has been transpiring in our country, the Lord quickened my heart concerning our stance in prayer AFTER tonight.  Let me preface what I am about to say with this: this is not about WHO is elected, but WHAT goes on during the next several weeks. I am in no way trying to predict or prophesy about who will be elected.

What was quickened to my heart and spirit was how important it is (no matter who is elected) to be praying during this next several weeks, generally called the “lame duck” period. The Lord impressed me that there will be NO LAME DUCK period and it is imperative that the CHURCH continue to pray for this country and our leadership; that we bind any spirits that would seek to put in place laws, regulations, etc. that would have an ill effect on this country, manipulating things that will go on after our next president is sworn in office.  It was almost as if I could ‘hear’ the enemy conspiring to do so and feeling they would be able to because the Church had quite praying because the elections were over.   I really sense there will be an attempt to do so BEHIND the scenes and it is vitally important that we come against any plans of the enemy in this regard.  Let us not be lulled to sleep by complacency but continue to ‘man our prayer stations’ and call forth the plan of God for this great country of ours.

Again, may God bless America - and may America bless God.


Murphy's Law said...


drjim said...

Well said, Rev, well said.

Nursejoan said...

I am hanging on to "America, Bless God" 'cause I have the same sick feeling that I had when the Georgian, JC, was elected. The $$$$$$ spent on this election could/should not have been used to "get" the vote.

DR said...


Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, everyone. And Nursejoan, I understand that sick feeling. I pray I'm wrong, but it's hard to see how things could get better, suddenly, after four years of slowly getting worse with the same leaders.

ProudHillbilly said...

I suspect that last night's results are a call, an opportunity, to step up. There is no question that a major part of America has swallowed the lies of the Father of Lies. It falls to believers to continue to battle.