30 December 2012

A Blustery Day

There's a cyclone moving across the Gulf of Alaska today. The forecast for Anchorage includes 70 mph winds here in town (an area normally sheltered from stronger winds by the mountains which form the border of the city) and 100 mph winds on the mountainsides above town.

Well, good. We haven't had any storm damage since the hurricane-force winds in September and the frozen pipes for the first half of December. I guess we're overdue for more wind damage, fallen trees, and broken power lines. Bleah.

* * * * *

You remember the classic definition of an expert? Well, here's another one offering opinions on "how hard it is to give up social media sites":
Deleting yourself -- or what the most morbid among us call "digital suicide" -- is the attempt to go off the grid, to grab control of your persona, time or sanity. The departure is often announced with confident, dramatic flourish. But experts say that more often than not, deserters sulk back to newsfeeds and streams.

"Anxiety is driving people to want to give it up and then to not be able to," said Larry Rosen, author of "iDisorder" and professor of psychology at California State. "Some know they're too wrapped up in it but if they give it up even for an hour, they're afraid they'll miss out on something."
Whatever. I've stopped posting much of anything at all on Facebook, although I still read the news feed. Even that seems a bit much some days, and I've hovered over the "delete my account" option more than once.

The "expert" quoted above notwithstanding, I'm not anxious about it. Right now, I find just enough things of interest to keep checking it once or twice daily.

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Thanks for stopping by, friends. Have a great day!


Stephen said...

I deleted my Facebook account last Spring and haven't missed it a second. Then again, I seldom used the silly thing. Enjoy the wind.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, I hear you; just about there, myself. But enjoy the wind? Not so much.

Teresa said...

Lots of people I know have moved from blogging to fb. It seems that's the only place I can keep up with them so that's what I do. I got "social fixer" on my browser so I can use keywords to make sure some posts don't show on my newsfeed. That way I don't have to get too annoyed at what I'm seeing. That and getting rid of all game requests is the only reason I can stick with it. ;)

Rev. Paul said...

I understand the "keeping in touch" part. I've reconnected with a couple of people from high school thru FB ... but I'm not sure it's enough.

Keads said...

I deleted the FB account some time ago. I don't miss it although it was pivotal in finding some long lost friends. And then it hit me. If I have not talked to them in 30 years, how much of a friend were they?

Old NFO said...

Only reason I still have one is for the kids... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Keads, I hear you. In my case, I've been ... difficult to find, never attending reunions or staying in touch with anyone from high school. Still, if I haven't missed them before now, there's a good chance I won't miss them later, either.

NFO, I get that. A big part of my reason for being on FB was to see what Younger Daughter is up to, there. Turns out, not much. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

This is the storm heading our way. We went down to Texas on Friday to see my Dad again in the Rehabilitation Hospital and made sure to return tonight so we wouldn't be traveling when this storm arrive here.

Is that a moose I see on the roof?

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I hope the winds are lessened by the time they get to you, but I'm familiar with Texas toad-stranglers & windstorms. Stay safe.

Yes, that's a moose on the roof. :)