10 December 2012

And They Wonder Why Their Subscription Rate

is falling like a rock ...

Several years ago, we took a "weekends only" subscription to the Anchorage Daily News. We've never changed the terms of that deal.

In the intervening years, we've received a Friday & Sunday paper, or Saturday & Sunday but not Friday, or Friday & Saturday but not Sunday ... or sometimes, for weeks at a stretch, papers seven days a week. You get the idea.

Now, this "weekends only" deal also includes the Monday edition, if that Monday is a holiday.

That brings us to last month. We received a paper on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving ... and haven't seen one since.

Not one.

My wife dutifully called the subscription department and complained. They promised to bring the missing paper(s) by.

Nope. Didn't happen.

She called back and spoke to two (count 'em, two) subscription managers, explaining the hit-or-miss quality of the delivery. She also went into great detail about how disgusted we've become with the paper's increasingly left-leaning editorial slant. (For example, they manage to write something derogatory about Sarah Palin on a daily basis. Last I checked, Mrs. Palin isn't a public official, and isn't running for anything. But I digress.)

Our subscription expires 12/31, so we accepted their offer of the Sunday paper only, through year's end. That was two weeks ago.

We still haven't received a paper since Nov. 21.

Oh - and now they've announced plans to charge for digital content. I'll not have any difficulty finding links from the local TV stations instead, for my newsy posts.

Adios, Daily News. Ran it right into the ground, you did.


daddybearsden.com said...

Must be owned by the same news syndicate as the Louisville Courier-Journal. We had the exact same experience with that fishwrap.

Rev. Paul said...

Could be; it's a McClatchy rag.

threecollie said...

So many papers with the same sad story. I write for our darned paper and could never get it, especially Fridays when my column runs. Then they sold me a trial subscription which I took as a joke just to see if they could actually get the carrier to drop one off now and then. Never got a single paper. Not one. The circulation minions finally passed the situation upstairs to the big boss...and I have been getting it ever since. Only took five years. lol

Stephen said...

Same here. Our local rag is so left it needs a crutch.

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, understood. We've given the ADN 8 years, and they are worse now than before. Time to pull the ripcord.

Stephen, I hear you. Ours was still publishing anti-Romney cartoons for 10 days after the election, and never met a conservative they couldn't bash.