10 December 2012

From this guy's comments here:
"Secession has never started with the thing happening of course. Like any living thing (of which political movements are living) it has to grow. This one has been growing for a few years actually and has just had another spurt.

"It will continue to grow because it has to. Simple survival dictates that it will grow as long as we continue down the course we are taking. It may take two more years, it may take 10 or more but as thngs stand now it is coming."


Matt said...

"that guy" usually calls it right. Sometimes the timing is off, but hey we're all guilty of that. ;^D

Rev. Paul said...

Okay, we all resemble that. But yeah, I don't see this particular train slowing down anytime soon.

Stephen said...

Sad to say, not in our lifetime. Though, we can hope.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, I wouldn't have thought so either, but there are several states which are passing anti-fed laws & statutes as fast as they can.

Interesting times, either way.