26 December 2012

Post-Christmas Report

I have always been a little sad in the first few days following Christmas, because there's no more anticipation. But it's not quite as bad here as it was in the Midwest; here, folks tend to leave their Christmas lights up for the winter.

Two reasons. One - the lights help with the long winter nights, and two - it's cold & snowy out there! I'll be a loyal Alaskan and not mention "general sloth" as a contributing factor ... 


* * * * *

The New York Times ("All the news that fits our agenda, we print") is crying, this morning, that the ATF's hands are tied by "legislative handcuffs and by loopholes in federal gun laws".  Cry me a river. The ATF, along with the DHS and TSA are three of the greatest contributors to the growing tyrannical nature of the bureaucracy on the Potomac.

* * * * *

The snow that was originally forecast for us, yesterday and last night, failed to materialize. We got only three inches from a storm which the originally thought would bring a foot or so to southcentral Alaska. That 12"+ fell just south of here. Oh, well.

Our Christmas was a good one, and the girls bought me an iPod and docking station. I'll get to set that up in my office today.

It'll be a good day, and I pray yours is good, as well. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


ProudHillbilly said...

Pouring snow here. Cracked my eyes to grey this morning, slapped the alarm off, snuggled up to one of the cats, and went back to sleep. Wish I could do that until about March 1.

Stephen said...

We have hard rain this morning with nice wind gusts...sadly, my tree comes down new year's day.

I received a new roll of toilet paper for Christmas. Sigh....

Rev. Paul said...

PH, I'm kicking myself for not requesting 3 vacation days to take this entire week off. Staying inside would have been great, today.

Stephen, our tree stays up until then, too. Re: your gift ... don't tell me you old roll is used up already!?!

Could be worse. My New England ancestors would have said, "Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without."

armedlaughing said...

The NYT crying? Why, for their 6 remaining liberal readers?
Is everyone going over to USA Today, lots of pictures and colorful charts!?
Keep you and yours toasty, whether it's snowing or not...


Rev. Paul said...

gfa, it's the absurdity of their position on the ATF's "limits" that caught my eye. To hear the ATF tell it, there are NO limits on their power.

That said, I see what you did there. :^)