02 December 2012

Sleeping In

We slept until 9:30 this morning, which is unusual to say the least. We're normally up at 5:00-ish, even on the weekends. Not sure I know how to behave, now. :)

One benefit of waking so late is that it was just getting light outside. Rather nice not to be stumbling around in the dark until my eyes are finally open & focused.

Oh - here's something which Paul Harvey would have called a strange: "Frozen landslide threatens to devour the Dalton Highway." In short, a slow-moving 300-foot-wide slide of mud and snow is now only 150 feet from the roadway, and threatens " to block the haul road that serves as a lifeline for Alaska's oil and gas industry. It could happen as soon as end of the decade."

Well, I see the temperature has finally climbed above zero now, so I should probably wrap this up. The line of sunlight is slowly climbing down then tall spruce, as the sun rises above the mountains two miles to the east.

Y'all have a wonderful day, my friends; thanks for stopping by.


Old NFO said...

I'd love to sleep in, but I can't seem to manage it... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

Us either, normally. I might have slept as late as 0700 a couple of times, this year, but that's unusual.