04 December 2012

Standing By: Resurrecting an Old Idea

Standing By: Resurrecting an Old Ideaexcerpt:  
Sometimes, the world around one turns savage, red in tooth and claw, and only a savage response will save your life. A person prays to never see those days, and the parents who have pray their children will never see such times. But let's not pretend there will never come such a time.

Go. It's not a long post, but may be the most important one you read today.


Matt said...

When you see local and city governments begin to warn it's citizens to grab there guns and lock there doors and warn visitors to enter a city at their own risk, I believe those times have actually returned.

Thanks for the link. It's a nice blog.

Rev. Paul said...

Matt, those times have returned; just not everywhere. Yet.

But it's coming. Those who are prepared for it will do much better than those who go through life with their eyes shut, in Condition Opaque.