18 December 2012

The Warrior Class: Life: Some Courage Is Required

The Warrior Class: Life: Some Courage Is Required

We are neither murderers nor criminals. We are not responsible for anything more than the desire to protect ourselves, the ones we love and indeed society as a whole. To exercise our God given liberties and to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness as we see fit. There is no need nor place for guilt. We haven't committed evil nor have we embraced it. We have lived our lives as well as we can and ask for no more than the chance to live as free people.

We shed tears when we see evil committed but we also bear the burdens of our knowledge, intelligence, experience and what wisdom each of us carries. That means sometimes we must see reality for what it is and our our countrymen for what they are. We must be courageous enough to recognize the fight and not flinch no matter how afraid we are or how badly we want things to return to the usual and comfortable. 


Six said...

Thanks Rev. Praise from the praiseworthy is always humbling my friend.

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome. I just want as many as possible to see what you've written.