27 January 2013

A Little Chilly Out There

I awoke before 5:00, again, to discover it's -14° F. outside. That's getting there, for Anchorage in January. The coldest we've seen in our 10 years here was -27, and that was a long stretch when it dipped below -20 every night for a couple weeks. This winter's been more moderate than that, which is making everyone a bit twitchy.

It's 'sposed to be cold, don'tcha know. This here's Alaska, not Palm Springs. Harrumph.

We're also a foot below normal for snow. Dangit. Not that I'm a big fan of shoveling snow, mind: it's just that a fresh layer of white stuff every so often makes our long winters seem brighter ... not to mention prettier.

On the other hand, Accu-Hunch Weather doesn't expect our temps to rise above zero today, last I checked. Even if they're wrong, it'll probably stay in single digits. I guess I'll break out the heavy coat, today.

* * * * *

Well, the critters (each daughter has a cat) have been slopped & watered; the coffee's on, and here I sit. Let's see what's in the news, shall we?
If Anchorage doesn't get a big dump of snow in the next two weeks, it can say goodbye to the Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship sleddog race.

The three-day sprint race, a staple of Anchorage winters since 1946, is the highlight of the city's winter festival.

But in this snow-challenged winter, there is no race trail to speak of, putting the 67-year-old race in jeopardy, said John Rasmussen of the Alaskan Sled Dog & Racing Association.

"We don't got nothing out there, maybe an inch of snow -- no way we can run on that," Rasmussen said Friday. "There's some places on the bike trail where underneath the bridges and culverts there's no snow at all."

Then again, this is Alaska, where winter can put in an appearance on short notice.
That's true, so let's not sound the alarm when the races are still nearly a month away. If we got 2 1/2 feet of snow overnight, it wouldn't be the first time. What Mr. Rasmussen is so inelegantly stating is that we have no snow-pack on the streets, thanks to a couple of two- and three-week long warm spells that melted the pavement bare.

So it's not exactly a crisis - yet - but sensational OMGwe'regonnahavetocanceltheracesOMG!!!1!Eleventy!! headlines purportedly sell more papers.

* * * * *

Buzz Aldrin spoke at UAA yesterday; story here.

* * * * *

If that's all the news worth reporting, we're not too badly off.

All y'all have a really great day, hear? Thanks for stopping by.


Old NFO said...

Coffee and we finally got out of the 20's here... :-) It's a balmy 39 this morning! Stay warm!

Rev. Paul said...

Always, sir. Always.

armedlaughing said...

Been rainy here, the past couple o' days.
Used to enjoy it, as it's rare in the AZ desert. (and we always need the water)
But, now older and arthritic, not so much.
So no Speedo for the Rev. today?


Rev. Paul said...

Um ... no. :^)

Stephen said...

Sadly, azaleas are in full bloom here...too warm. The oak trees have catkins and the pine trees have coated my truck with pollen. Want to trade?

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, that's too warm for us, too. Thanks anyway, though.