18 January 2013

A Lot of Cold Air

Unlike the hot air issuing from the capitol ... it's 8 degrees at the ol' homestead, and we're one of the warm spots, here in the "banana belt" of Alaska. Not far to the north, it's well below zero. Like thirty degrees below zero. That's right chilly by anyone's standards.

I've got nothin', this morning. That will probably change as the day goes on, but thanks for stopping by.


eiaftinfo said...

We are on the "warm" side of moving fronts here in Iowa. High today - 50F. High by Monday . . . . 4F. Ready for spring sir, ready for spring!

Stephen said...

We have gusty winds and it's cool...nice.

armedlaughing said...

The rest of the Nation, especially the East Coast, is full of hot air.
If I could, I'd send you some!



threecollie said...

9 or 10 here this AM. Kinda nippy

Rev. Paul said...

eiaftinfo, we don't often see temp swings like that; one of MANY things I enjoy about living here is the fairly stable temperature patterns.

Stephen, I'm glad your weather is pleasant - I know it was too hot for you, recently.

Guffaw, no thanks. We'll keep the cold stuff until the Iditarod ends in mid-March, if you don't mind. :^)

threecollie, how's it feel to know you & Anchorage have the same temperature?

Cathy said...

I meant to mention that banner picture you had up a in the last weeks or so (everything's a blur right now) . . . the one with the American bald eagle breathing frosted vapor. It impressed my hubby and son. Awesome.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Cathy. I liked it, too, and may put it up again.