15 January 2013

Breathing: Bad For Our Health

Anchorage Health Officials Warn of Unhealthy Air

Anchorage health officials are warning residents that airborne particulate concentrations are approaching unhealthy levels.

The Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services says the recent spell of warmth and rain exposed ground and put thawed sediment on roads. As roads dry, fine sediment turns to dust that's stirred up by traffic.

The department says dusty conditions are expected while the weather remains cold and dry, with the worst conditions near major thoroughfares.

People with severe lung disease were advised to remain indoors.

New snow could relieve the problem. Cold, dry conditions are forecast through Tuesday night and snow is predicted for Wednesday.

I thought it was foggy today, until I realized it was dust.  Between glacial silt, volcanic ash, ground-up cinders, dirt, road debris and brine, it's a foul mix.

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