25 January 2013

It Could Only Happen In ...

Only in India

Only in Pakistan

Only in


Only in Japan

Only in Indonesia

Only in Hawaii

Only in China

And finally ... Only in Australia

h/t ajdshootist


Stephen said...

Makes you proud to be an American. Having traveled (against my will in some cases) to many of the pictured locations I can testify pictures don't lie.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

The Texas picture actually happens, I've witnessed this in person, lol

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, understood. I've spent a bit o' time (on Uncle Sam's nickel) in such places, myself.

Sandy, I'm not at all surprised. :^)

Cathy said...


I'm praying that at least a couple of these are photo-shopped.

Please don't tell me otherwise.

Thank you ;)

Rev. Paul said...

Okay, Cathy; since you asked me not to tell you ... :^)