28 January 2013

I Wouldn't Mind Mondays

if they came later in the week.
  1. Monday shouldn't start off with the news that your 115,000 sq.ft. facility has no heat.
  2. Monday shouldn't involve malfunctioning elevators that stop with a bang & a vertical hop that scares people.
  3. Mondays shouldn't involve dealing with out-of-state regional managers who want to know how soon we could install a wheel-chair accessible curb cut ... in a sidewalk with no handicap spaces, and no area set aside for wheelchairs to progress between parking spaces ... in Alaska. In January. When it's -12 outside. (Nobody is pouring concrete this week. Just sayin'.)
We also got a new alarm clock yesterday. Found out this morning just how loud it is ... and so did the neighbors. Heh.

All things considered, I should have slept in.


Old NFO said...

Um... I'll just go back to my corner now... :-) Hope Tuesday is a tad better!

Stephen said...

Me too. I worked today, my day off, and should have just stayed in bed. One of these days I'll learn.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, it would almost have to be better. That's what I keep telling myself. :^)

Stephen, I understand. I really do.

Old NFO said...

True Rev, TRUE! :-)

armedlaughing said...

Hang in there! It could be worse - but I don't see how! :-P


Rev. Paul said...

gfa ... gee, thanks. With encouragement like that, I should just crawl into a cave. ;^)