14 January 2013

Just In: Gun Appreciation Day in Alaska

Just received via e-mail from the Anchorage 2nd Amendment Task Force:

Remember 19 Jan, 2103 is ‘GUN APPRECIATION DAY’ !

To All,  if you’re not planning to be at the Wasilla High School Gun Show this weekend, (In Wasilla, AK  19-20 Jan), please consider this! 

On 19 Jan 2013 @ Noon, gun owners are marching on ALL the states capitals to stop the pending Assault Weapons Ban(s).

Realizing that the population center of Alaska is in Anchorage -- Anchorage folks, please go to the US Senator’s office @ 510 L Street. Dress: Professional. This is family friendly.

If you live in the Fairbanks area, consider the same at the Fairbanks offices of Senators Begich and Murkowski.

Please pass along and encourage all gun owners you know to attend. Please, no firearms at the rally point!

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