14 January 2013

Sloppy April Weather

Anchorage side streets are ice rinks; more weather woes on the way

Roads are slick now, with water covering the ice on many side streets in Anchorage. The National Weather Service is forecasting rain into Monday morning for the Anchorage and Mat-Su areas, with widespread gusts of 35 mph to 40 mph and temperatures in the 40s.

It's raining steadily this morning, with winds at 15 to 30 mph across town & temps in the 40s. When I pulled into work this a.m., there was a lake nearly a foot deep in the low spot. Our maintenance team is out there now with a front-end loader, a vacuum truck, and six guys trying to clear blockages while moving water from the temporary lake to a drainage ditch that isn't flooded.

There are a LOT of those this morning. The Daily Worker News says all local schools are closed, too. That almost never happens except during really bad blizzards.

* * * * *

There's not much else going on yet, so I stop before I ramble. Thanks for swinging by, friends.


ProudHillbilly said...

Ew. We are damp but warm.

Old NFO said...

Stay dry (if you can), and watch the wind on the ice... I got blown half way across the ramp at Adak in a situation like you're getting...

armedlaughing said...

Nippy here, too, albeit less so.


Rev. Paul said...

NFO, you're preaching to the choir, but it's still good advice.

gfa, the biggest problem is the icy patches which are covered by water. You drive along & everything's fine ... until it's not.

Brigid said...

With freezing rain in the forecast and a bit of sleet hitting the window, girl's day out was rescheduled, and Barkley and I stayed in with a book. Today was cold but nice and as I ran an errand, I noticed how COLD I was in the truck. Probably because the a.c. was on, probably from the last time I drove it after it sat in the sun in the 60's all day, just a couple of days ago.

Stay warm!

Rev. Paul said...

Brigid, you never fail to cause a smile. We've only used A/C a half-dozen times up here, so - fortunately - your "discovery" isn't something that happens often. :^)

Take care & watch out for the ice.