17 January 2013

Snow Finally; This & That

After two protracted warm spells in late December & much of this month so far (what? you don't like 45 degrees in January, in freakin' Alaska?), the temps sank back to normal, and we got four or five inches of snow overnight. It's still snowing this morning, and we might get another inch before it's done.

UPDATE: snow total as of 11:50 am is 9 1/2 inches, and it's still coming down. There are a bunch of happy campers, up here. :^)

* * * * *

The Aurora Forecast Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks says we could have moderate northern lights activity tonight and maybe tomorrow night as well. They give it a 4 on their 0 to 9 scale.

* * * * *

Alaska's Speaker of the House has introduced a bill providing that "federal law enforcement officers should be arrested in Alaska if they attempt to enforce any future federal law banning personal possession of assault rifles or large ammunition clips or if they attempt to register any Alaska firearm."

Speaker Mike Chenault says it's intended to strengthen the Firearms Freedom Act, signed into law in 2010, which stipulated that firearms manufactured & sold inside Alaska are exempt from federal regulation. The ATF took issue with that stance, of course.

In addition to adding the word "possession" to the 2010 law, Chenault's bill declares that any "federal statute, regulation, rule or order" taking effect after passage of House Bill 69 would be invalid in Alaska if it restricted semi-automatic firearms or magazines. The bill also declares invalid any future registration scheme involving firearms, magazines or other firearm accessory.

Any federal agent who attempted to enforce those future federal laws would be subject to prosecution by the state on misdemeanor charges.
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It seems Alaska is no longer #1 in the nation for an imbalance in the male-to-female ratio, having been passed by Wyoming.

Not to worry, ladies, there are still lots of young men out there. Just remember the old saw: "The odds are good - but the goods are odd."

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Here's a reasonably balanced report on how Alaskans are reacting to the renewed emphasis on "gun violence".

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That's enough for now. Y'all have a good day, and thanks for stopping by.


Sandy said...

Enjoy your snow!

I'm thankful we don't have any right now even though it's colder than a witches tit in a brass bra here!!

Rev. Paul said...

That WOULD be cold!