06 January 2013

Study Shows Alaska is Getting Colder

The scientists with the Geophysical Institute's Alaska Climate Research Center looked at temperatures recorded at 20 "first-order meteorological stations" in Alaska from 2000 to 2010. The stations were spread from Annette in Southeast to Barrow on the Arctic Ocean to Cold Bay at the southwest tip of the Alaska Peninsula. All are operated by professional meteorologists with the National Weather Service, use similar or identical equipment and follow uniform operating procedures.

Every station pointed to a cooling trend, except Barrow.

The mean cooling for the average of all 20 stations was 2.34 degrees Fahrenheit. The chilling trend was most pronounced in the Bering Sea region, with King Salmon recording a drop of 4.42 degrees in the first decade of the new century.
(emphasis added)

The researchers try to pass it off as an anomaly, but it's so.

Read it here, and tell Algore to take a long hike.


armedlaughing said...

He can afford that, now, now that he's sold his failed network!


drjim said...

WoW......that's a whole lotta Global Warming there, isn't it?

Rev. Paul said...

gfa, he's got plenty of money; he'd be doin' us a favor if he just took off for parts unknown.

drjim, you betcha. Plenty of warming, er, cooling to go 'round.

ProudHillbilly said...

But the cooling is part of Global Warming...