13 January 2013

This and That

Looking around the blogroll, I'm encouraged to see how many bloggers report mayors, sheriffs, and various LEOs stating that they won't enforce any firearm ban/confiscation edict from the District of Criminals Columbia. I can only hope that's indicative of the bigger picture.

* * * * *

The U.S. continues to alienate allies closest to America. From today's Daily News website:
The Alaska Highway north of Haines Junction, Yukon, carries mostly American motorists, and for decades the U.S. government has paid for much of the upkeep of that 200-mile stretch as well as the highway to Haines, Alaska. But funding for the new paving and repairs to permafrost damage have disappeared from the U.S. budget, reports CBC News.
The article goes on to say that Alaska is working with trucking companies & Canada seeking reinstatement of funding.

In the meantime, I've been saying for years that if the feds truly dislike Alaska as much as we all suspect, up here, they'd simply build a fence across our border crossings. Letting the only road out of the state fall into disrepair is good first step in that endeavor.

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I still don't know how someone's reproductive system can be 0% my business, yet 100% my financial responsibility.

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Our weather didn't drop into the 20s last night, as forecast, nor did it snow. Rather, we're getting rain ... and although Accu-Hunch hasn't been very accurate lately, they're calling for rain today, and a lot of rain (well, a lot by Anchorage standards) tonight.

Y'all have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for stopping by.


Stephen said...

We too are experiencing very warm weather for January. As I write the temp sits at seventy-seven and we expect a high of eighty one. Far too warm. This is May weather.
I hope Alaska allows the exit to erode, completely. I wish our state government would erect a barbed wire fence along our state border.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, I've had the same thought ... often.

Old NFO said...

Try to stay dry... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Gee thanks, NFO. :^)

Murphy's Law said...

If AK severs it's ties with the rest of the US, I'm in if I can get there.

Rev. Paul said...

Law, for whatever my two cents are worth, you'd be welcome.