29 January 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: "Altered Level of Consciousness"

More fun from the folks in Unalaska:

Drunk Disturbance – Drunken brother reported his equally intoxicated sibling was being loud while they were watching television.  An officer told both of the legal adults to be quiet.

Public Safety – Caller reported a cairn of human feces on the beach in front of her house, and stated that it may have been left there by her neighbors.

Assault – A belligerent drunk who was upset about being removed from the Harbor View Bar made numerous homicidal threats before standing on the side step of a taxi in order to punch an officer in the face. Ronny Sefo, 26 yoa, of Anchorage, was subsequently arrested on one count of Assault IV-LEO.

Noise Disturbance – Third party call regarding noise from a bunkhouse room.  An officer found two drunken men, one of whom was only partially dressed, having a heated argument in a room lit only by a black light. The shirtless man complained of having been beaten with a pillow by his friend, but reported no injuries as result of said assault. The officer advised the men they could be charged with a crime if the loud noise continued unabated.

Suspicious Person/Activity – A trespass advisement was issued, per PCR management, to a man who had been found in the library after the facility had closed for the evening.  The suspect claimed that staff had turned off the lights and secured the facility while he was still in the building.

Assault – Officers responded to a report that one woman was trying to kill another woman at Westward Seafoods, and found two women, both under the influence of what appeared to be Spice, seated outside their bunkhouse. Officers found no indication that any violence had been perpetrated, though the alleged victim clearly had an altered level of consciousness.

Assault – Officers investigated an alleged threat which had occurred many hours earlier.  The victim told police that another man, who owes him money, had threatened to punch him with his big fist but the victim had not reported it at the time since he believed the suspect deserved another chance. Officers determined no imminent threat of injury existed.


Old NFO said...

Sounds like a LOT of altered consciousness up there... Just sayin...

Rev. Paul said...

I think you're right, NFO. It's alcohol (and whatever else) in control of a large part of the population there.