11 February 2013

Alaska Legislation: Firearms, Liberty, and Nullification

From the Anchorage Daily News:

By JOSHUA BERLINGER — Associated Press

JUNEAU — A handful of Alaska lawmakers have thrust their state into the national debate over gun control by setting up a showdown with the federal government that some consider treasonous and others defend as patriotic.

They say that unlike people in most of the rest of the nation, many Alaskans use firearms on a daily basis and that any regulation attempt by the federal government represents an undue encroachment on their constitutional rights.

In response to the perceived threat of a sweeping reaction from Washington, D.C., to recent mass shootings - including the rampages in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. - they've proposed legislation that would make any new federal law limiting gun rights unenforceable in Alaska, using "nullification bills."

There's some interesting discussion in the article. Go read the whole thing.


Old NFO said...

More and more states are looking at this very thing. Glad to hear it!

Rev. Paul said...

Me, too. All we hear from Juneau, most of the time, is endless wrangling over oil taxes.