19 February 2013

Another One

It was reported an hour ago that the Anchorage police were investigating a shooting in mid-town. It seems they're investigating themselves:

Anchorage police shot and killed a man who allegedly rammed a stolen pickup into patrol cars Tuesday morning in a neighborhood east of the Seward Highway and south of Tudor Road.

~ snip ~

"(The officers) followed the vehicle through neighborhoods around here, made a couple attempts to stop the vehicle with spike strips," [Police Chief Mark] Mew said. "He rammed a couple patrol cars."

Two officers fired at the man, killing him, Mew said. A woman passenger was uninjured, the police chief said.

Sigh. Click the link for the whole story.


Cathy said...

Wow. That's just depressing. I admit I'm naive. When they say a 'half way' house . . is that a facility for someone coming off drugs or alcohol?

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, that's correct.

Old NFO said...

One wonders if he was high/drunk...

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, it's entirely possible, but it may be some time before that detail is mentioned to the public. Tox reports take awhile, up here.