21 February 2013

It's Time for the Unalaska Police Blotter Again!

Theft – Woman reported her father’s iPhone and some cash were missing after she allowed a vagrant and some of his friends to stay at her house. Under investigation.

Harassment – Two taxi drivers called each other bad names and directed rude gestures at one another. One driver believed the exchange was over allegations of stealing fares; the other driver believed it was due to parking in a handicapped parking space.  The responding officer asked the two drivers to handle their business problems like adults.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller reported an erratic driver.  An officer contacted the driver, who said his truck hood would not latch properly and he was driving slowly and moving to the right when traffic approached, as he made his way to the auto repair shop.

Assistance Rendered – Unisea Security requested assistance with a drunk in the lobby of the Grand Aleutian Hotel.  An officer retrieved the drunk’s phone, which he had left on the vessel from which he had recently been fired, in order that the drunk might make arrangements to pay for a room for the night.

Theft – Cab driver reported a passenger had refused to pay his fare.  By the time officers arrived on scene, the man had paid and returned to his vessel.  Both the passenger and the driver claimed that the other was rude.

Traffic Roads – Caller reported three large buoys in the middle of the road.  Officers responded and found that a responsible citizen had already moved them out of the roadway.

Assistance Rendered – Officers helping a driver get out of a snow drift left the driver with a shovel while they responded to another call.  The driver was able to extricate himself and returned the shovel to Public Safety.

MVA Damage – A driver who almost backed into one vehicle and then successfully backed into a second one was issued a citation for Limitations on Backing.

MVA Damage – A driver backing into a parking space and another driver backing out of one collided in the Grand Aleutian parking lot. Damages were minor and no injuries were reported.

MVA Damage – A driver backing from a parking space in any icy parking lot slid into a taxi parked nearby, causing minor damage to the taxi. No injuries were reported.


threecollie said...

These simply never let one down, do they?

Rev. Paul said...

Usually not. :^)

PioneerPreppy said...

LOL that's a real crime wave you have going on there.

Rev. Paul said...

Those folks over in Dutch Harbor do have issues, most of which are alcohol-related. It's what the fishing crews do when they're not at sea, it seems.

Old NFO said...

Real 'winners' there...

Rev. Paul said...

Indeed, it does seem to be perpetual.