04 February 2013

Monday Morning: the Hunt is On

When a car hits a 1200-pound moose, the results are usually catastrophic for the car and it doesn't do the moose much good, either.

From a story on KTUU Channel 2's website this morning:

On Saturday, the moose-vehicle collision sign in Wasilla was up to 135, and the state has made efforts to curb those numbers by allowing hunters to guard the highways and keep the moose off the roads.

The Mat-Su Valley has been home to a thriving moose population for centuries. Now, roadways run right through the middle of the moose habitat, which has caused moose-vehicle collisions to increase.

The Department of Fish and Game are now allowing hot spot hunts along roadways to try to decrease the collisions.

"This is a very high density moose area about 5 moose per square mile which is a very high density," Fish and Game Regional Supervisor Bruce Dale said. "Moose are coming down to places where we enhance the habitat, but sometimes they get hung up along the road especially when the snow gets deep."

The hunters are only allowed to use slugged shotguns, not rifles and Dale says safety must be a priority with these hunts.

 Click on the link to see the whole story & accompanying video.


ProudHillbilly said...

And we think hitting a white-tailed deer can cause damage...

Rev. Paul said...

Everything is relative, PH. Hitting a whitetail on the highway will neatly destroy a grill & radiator, or a windshield. Hitting a moose at that same speed will destroy the front third of the car.

Ajdshootist said...

Over here in the UK we dont have the
Moose problem but in The New Forest we have wild Ponies,Cows,Pigs,Wild Boar and Red Dear all wandering in the Forest all of which can and do
cause a lot of road accidents.

Rev. Paul said...

Adjshootist, I'd think ponies & cows would be just as bad.

Ajdshootist said...

A Guy i know rounded a corner in the
forrest and managed to stop as he was about to hit a pony which then sat on the bonnet of his car and did a lot of damage, i missed a large Red Stag that a dog spooked by about 3 feet it just ran strait across in front of me.Another friend hit a deer
killed it took the carcase to a friendly butcher but what he got for
it did not cover the damage to his car.

Rev. Paul said...

Apparently the pony didn't care for the fright, & decided to get even.

Ajdshootist said...

He got it off by blowing the horn at which point the pony kicked with its
back legs and took out his one remaing headlight.Having lived in this area for 46/7 yrs i have got used to seeing the ponys as walking
dog food which is what a number of them get sold for.