12 February 2013

Our Tax Dollars at Work

From the Anchorage Daily News website:
— Associated Press
— A $2.5-million federal research vessel that sank while docked in Kodiak likely will not be repaired because of the high expense, a spokesman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Monday.

Yeah, and $2.5 million isn't expensive?
The 63-foot Arlluk, used by two Alaska Peninsula national wildlife refuges, sank last week while tied up in St. Herman's Harbor. The vessel was floated after less than 24 hours and towed to a boat yard, but damage from the saltwater and the cost to fix it likely means the boat will be scrapped or sold after it's cleaned up, said Larry Bell, a spokesman for the Fish and Wildlife Service.
~ snip ~
The vessel was built in 1979 and named the Caroline. The Drug Enforcement Agency seized the boat in the late 1990s. The DEA used the boat for about a decade as an undercover vessel.

The DEA in 2009 reclassified the vessel as government surplus. The refuges took ownership that year from the General Services Administration and spent $100,000 refurbishing the motors and foredeck.
The boat had a range of 600 to 700 miles. It is 16 feet wide and drafts 6 feet.
I'm so glad to see that "our" property is being so well-managed. (/snark)

Okay, let's take a fair and balanced approach: if they recovered it as part of a drug bust, then We the People didn't pay for its purchase, so perhaps this decision isn't as wasteful as it first appears.

It's still a shame. You can read the whole story by clicking on the link at the top.

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