09 February 2013

Top Ten Tips From a Friend

1.)    The cup lid is not a reason for turning the vehicle upside down.

2.)    The guard rails exist for a reason, don't try and go over or around them.

3.)    There are easier ways to discover other health conditions.

4.)    You know the air bag is there; you don't need to prove it.

5.)    There's no need to meet your deductible this early in the year.

6.)    Just because your spouse is suffering, there is no need to try and top her.

7.)    If you need a couple days just ask your boss. This was a little extreme, don't you think?

8.)    That's the hard way to recruit new nurses for your clinics; see HR for details.

9.)    Auto is not a secondary policy.

10.)  GET WELL!

h/t Doctor Andy


threecollie said...

Those sound like pretty good ones. You take care...and recover quickly!

Rev. Paul said...

I'm following my doc's instructions to the letter; this is NO time to be stubborn & independent. Thanks, ma'am.

Stephen said...

I've chuckled for the last two minutes...hope when you laugh it doesn't hurt.

Rev. Paul said...

Stephen, your comment made me chuckle, too. No, it doesn't hurt. Much. :)

Borepatch said...

I take it you're feeling better if you're posting LULZ like this. I would have liked catching a flight up from Vancouver to meet up, but it seems that this week would have been bad ...

Get well soon, my friend. I'm sorry about your truck, but you're the most important part of that cargo.

Rev. Paul said...

BP, I don't feel bad, per se ... just tired from lack of sleep in hospital, and otherwise bruised & abused. Thank you for the kind words, and perhaps we'll meet another time.

armedlaughing said...

I'm reminded of Thelonious Monk, quoted in the liner notes of Dave Brubeck's Somewhere in Time...
(he'd just received a potted plant)
"With fronds like these, who needs anemones?"

Just keep getting better!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Guffaw. That line was also delivered by Nemo's father in "Finding Nemo" ... but it wasn't original from the movie. Thanks for the reference, as I'd forgotten where it came from. :)

Auntie J said...

In reference to #3, I definitely agree. Three years ago, I landed in the hospital with massive bilateral pneumonia...only to discover that I also had an equally massive PE in my right lung.

I would rather have had neither, but I'm grateful the one led to discovering the other and that I'm okay now.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Auntie J. I'm glad you're okay, too.