12 February 2013

Pentagon's Inspector General Questions Accuracy of F-22 Crash Report

In a report from KTUU-TV, Channel 2 in Anchorage, it seems the Air Force's Aircraft Accident Investigation Board may have reached a faulty conclusion about the fatal 2010 crash of an Elmendorf AFB F-22.

Here's the money quote:
In a summary of its Feb. 6 report the Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General, or OIG, calls the three causes the board cited in the crash of Haney’s Raptor -- channelized attention, breakdown of visual scan and unrecognized spatial disorientation -- “separate, distinct and conflicting.”

“The AIB report does not clearly explain their interrelationship and how it is possible that all three factors concurrently caused the mishap,” the OIG wrote. “Failure to adequately explain this interrelationship calls into question the AIB Statement of Opinion regarding the cause of the mishap.”

In typical bureaucrat-ese, the Air Force is trying to weasel out from under the accusation. Aw, go read the thing. I'm peeved more than somewhat at this sloppy process wherein the the USAF concluded the pilot was at fault.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

From what I know, Air Force SOP is the pilot is dead.

Rev. Paul said...