16 February 2013

Ready to Run

There's a sled-dog racetrack in Anchorage, known as the Tozier Track. As a warm-up to the Fur Rendezvous races, the mushers can give it a go at Tozier. As you can see, not everyone races Malamutes.

Aw, come on  - let's GO!
Photo essay here.


drjim said...

I never would have thought that there's a race track for dog sleds.

Cathy said...

Are you kidding !? Do you see how high that dog is above the ground ?! That's amazing !

threecollie said...

Happy Dogs!

Rev. Paul said...

drjim, it IS surprising to newcomers, but just part of our way of life. :)

Cathy, we've always been amused by watching the dogs leap in place, awaiting the "Go!" command, but that picture's a good one!

threecollie, indeed - they LOVE to run. I don't care what the PETA/ASPCA/animal rights crowds say; I can't imagine a dog physically wanting to do something that's hurtful or harmful ... they live for this.