20 February 2013

Shooting Victim Carries Her Own Gun to Cope With the Trauma

From today's www.adn.com -

Margaret Stroup, the Soldotna hospital administrator who survived the 2008 shooting rampage by an angry ex-employee at Central Peninsula General Hospital, is on the cover of this week's Christian Science Monitor magazine wearing a holstered handgun. The story: "Why We Bear Arms," a post-Newtown look at the place of guns in American life. Stroup tells the Monitor in a sidebar that becoming a gun owner is helping her cope with the fear of random violence she still feels in the wake of her shooting.


PolyKahr said...

I'll try this again. Good for her! I am only sorry it took a trauma for her to realize that crime can happen anywhere, and that when the BG is after you, you have only yourself to rely on.

Best wishes,

Rev. Paul said...

PolyKahr, you're right: the citizens who will accept personal responsibility have never been the problem. But you knew that already.