15 February 2013

The End of a Long Week, Alaska Aviation, and Two Questions

What with all the side effects of the new meds I was taking, the last 7 days haven't been much fun before 9 am; that's when the effects tend to wear off.

Today is MUCH better, and I feel like myself again.

* * * * *

The Anchorage Assembly has okayed the landing of a 727 at Merrill Field, a city-owned airfield just east of the downtown corridor. 

The 100,000-pound plane is being donated by FedEx to the University of Alaska Anchorage, "wants it for its aviation technology program based at Merrill Field". The plane is landing at Merrill now only because the ground is frozen, which will help support the weight of the plane as it lands & taxis to its final destination.

Once at the designated hanger, it will never be flown again.

FedEx will give another 727 to the University at Fairbanks, later this year. Aviation students should be quite excited about this. I'm not a pilot, and I'm excited.

* * * * *

The Juneau Alaska Citizens Militia has scheduled a ".223 Day of Resistance" at the State Capitol on the 23rd. The group's ad-hoc chairman says "says the group is holding the rally because it believes law-abiding gun owners are being penalized for the actions of criminals.

"He says he expects 300 to 400 people to attend.

"The group is a branch of the Alaska Citizens Militia, which was founded by Norm Olson. Olson described the group as confederation of smaller militias around the state. He says each branch varies in size from about 15 to 50 members."

* * * * *

Two questions: does anyone know what's happened to Old NFO's blog? It's not there today.

Finally, does anyone own, or have much experience with, a Nissan X-Terra?  If so, please let me know what you think about it, as I'm considering one as a replacement for my late, lamented Expedition.

Thank you for stopping by friends, and have a wonderful Friday.


armedlaughing said...

Great to hear you are improving! Keep at it.


Stephen said...

This is the second blog to vanish in the last week. There are rumors one was taken down by the feds. Road to health is a booger, isn't it. Take care.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Guffaw. It feels longer than the actual span of time, but at least things are nearly normal again.

Thank you, too, Stephen. Whether Google removed a blog at the request of the Feds, or whether they did it themselves, makes little difference. Apparently the 1st Amendment means as little to them as the 2nd.

Cathy said...

Oh honey. Your question regarding that Nissan X-Terra . . I'm such a vehicle no-nothing . . that at first I thought you were asking about a camera . . . which I also no nothing about :)

So glad you're feeling better.

Stephen's comment scares the he** out of me.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, no worries re: the SUV market. There are plenty of testimonials on-line, but I wanted hear some that weren't sponsored (or encouraged) by Nissan.

Regarding Stephen's comment, it scares ALL of us.

Matt said...

Stephen, that other blog I emailed you about is back up but there was a IIIper, Liberty and Lead, that went down earlier this week.

eiaftinfo said...

Old NFO was there this morning, made a couple of posts. Suspect that blogger's database took a hit somewhere and it effected Old NFO.

Matt said...

Paul, glad you're feeling better. my neighbor loves her Xterra. But when I test drove one a few years back, it felt too high up for the size of the vehicle.

Rev. Paul said...

eiaftinfo, I saw that. It's hard to say. Blogger will yank you off the 'net at the hint of a complaint, and then take 3 days to "investigate", with nary an apology. Happened to me once, after a post about how much I like Alaska. They said they got a complaint that "it might be spam".

Matt, thanks for that. I'll have to get in one & take it around some corners. They sit about as high as the Expedition did, but are half a foot narrower, so you may well be right.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

When I was in the car business, was always happy to take a Pathfinder or Xterra in trade. Very few problems. The V-6 is a great engine. Needed repairs cost was on the low side. Do completely check out the 4 wheel drive under real conditions. Sometimes the "push button" won't get the job done.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, that's good to know. Thank you.

Matt said...

yeah.... I looked at Old NFO's last post today....

it got him yanked down. Most likely the last line about the Jew haters. We unfortunately have quite a few of those in this country now.

You can subscribe to him via google reader and view it that way.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Matt. Why am I not surprised? ... sigh...

PioneerPreppy said...

My x-terra info is very dated. I owned a bright orange one from 03 to 06 and I loved it to be honest. Never had even one issue with it the entire time but it was time to ditch the payments and insurance when I moved back out to my homestead and decided to start making a go of it. I needed a truck honestly and one that I wouldn't worry about the paint job on either.

The side mirrors cost an arm and a leg though. Don't ask me how I know that.

Rev. Paul said...

PioneerPreppy, thanks - every bit of info helps. I've not heard anything negative about the X-Terra so far, which reinforces what I've seen on-line.