08 March 2013

Friday A.M.: Iditarod Update

Martin Buser is the first musher to arrive at the Yukon River, as he leads the race to Nome.

Big Lake musher Martin Buser arrived here at 2:17 a.m. today, winning $3,500 in $1 bills as the first Iditarod racer to reach the Yukon River.

The four-time champion remained hours ahead of his nearest chaser, Two Rivers musher Aliy Zirkle. Buser's wife, Kathy Chapoton, has been traveling the trail by snowmachine and greeted him with a hug at the checkpoint. The couple shared a gourmet five-course meal as the musher began his mandatory eight-hour rest on the river.

Although his dogs appear to be sick from drinking groundwater at the checkpoint of Iditarod, they remain so energetic that they have been trying to chase after woodland critters even as they race, Buser said.

“I’ve gone blasting out many times before and fizzled.might still do it,” he said of his fast start. But after resting 24 hours in Rohn, Buser said his dog team returned to the trail recharged and ready to race at the same pace they started the Iditarod. 

“This is a really fast trail right now. Warm and fast. Hard. Suits my team perfectly," Buser said. "So they lived up to their abilities and my expectations.
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ProudHillbilly said...

Drinking groundwater?

Rev. Paul said...

Stream? Pond? Puddle? The article doesn't say.