04 March 2013

Iditarod: Buser Zips Through Rainy Pass Checkpoint

From www.adn.com:

UPDATE 7:50 a.m. MONDAY:

Martin Buser of Big Lake didn’t stay long enough for even a cup of coffee at Steve Perrins’ Rainy Pass Lodge early this morning as the four-time Iditarod champion kept distancing himself away from the pack.

Buser, 54, spent just two minutes at the Rainy Pass checkpoint on frozen Puntilla Lake. It took him 3 hours, 39 minutes to travel the 30 miles from Finger Lake to the Rainy Pass checkpoint. He is averaging 8.22 mph with all 16 dogs in harness, and so far is the only musher to have signed into the Rainy Pass checkpoint.

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UPDATE: Martin Buser checked into Rohn an hour ago. No one else has left Rainy Pass yet, so he's got at least that much of a lead already. Current standings can be found here.


Old NFO said...

10 miles and hour is hauling it...

threecollie said...

thank you for keeping us posted. this race is barely covered at all down here.

Rev. Paul said...

You're right, NFO - that's pretty quick for dogs pulling 300+ lbs of musher & cargo.

threecollie, no worries. There's intermittent live coverage on www.ktuu.com, www.adn.com, and also at www.iditarod.com - but I'm going to post updates anyway. :)

ProudHillbilly said...

8.22 ain't too shabby. Early cars didn't go much over that.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, you're right. It's a very good pace for sled dog team.