04 March 2013

Monday Randomosity, 3/4/13

Last fall, the Anchorage School District hired a new superintendent. Last Friday, he told the Board of Education that he'd be leaving due to a family medical situation.

The next day, his name appeared on a list of finalists for superintendent of Des Moines schools.

Can you say "Weasel"?

* * * * *

On the Iditarod Trail, Martin Buser was first into Rainy Pass.

* * * * *

Alaska Airlines is apparently out-performing the industry in general.

* * * * *

Yesterday was the annual Running of the Reindeer, as part of the final day of the 2013 Fur Rondy. Video report here.  (Scroll down the page to find it.)

* * * * *

There's not much else going on, but there you have local news which will be of interest to more than just the Anchorage denizens.

Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by.


Sandy said...

I agree with you regarding the Anchorage superintendent!!!!

eiaftinfo said...

You super ain't gonna find better weather here in Iowa . . . . just sayin'.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy ... yeah. Pretty slimy.

eiaftinfo, agreed. My wife & I went to the U of I. Winters were shorter, but every bit as severe there as they here.